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for me

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Aren't these works amazing?!:love:

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Stella Mythix CGI by ColorfullWinx

Oh, my... sometimes I wonder, if for sure you are using the mouse... XD Stella looks gorgeous!! Like really CGI...:heart: I love how you did ...

The Life Within by ColorfullWinx

OMG!! Sweetie! This is one of the best Butterflyix Transformations, what I have seen so far!! Her dress, hair, wings, colors, everythin...

Lana Believix Couture by ColorfullWinx

oh, wow!! Sweetie!! First of all, Lana looks so wonderful!! You making Couture Style almost like origianl!! I love her hair... so natur...

Hit the Lights! by ColorfullWinx

Oh my... This dress is gorgeous! Beautiful, marvelous!! How are you doing recently, I see that you did the work in your own style ... H...


AshianaAquaris's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is Joanna, but I preffer Asia for short. I'm 19 years old Polish girl and I really love digital and traditional drawing. My adventure with it I started, while creating my first Own Character, based on Winx Club show- Ashia. It was also first style, what I managed to draw :XD:. At the moment I'm trying imrpove my skills by drawing my Ashia in another styles, such like:
- Winx Club Style(I think I succed this one XD)
- Fairy Tail Style(already started)
- Owari no Seraph Style(going to start really soon)
- LoliRock Style (not started yet)
I hope everyday I will be better and better in digital and traditional drawng techniques and someday I can call myself: an expert ;P

If you like my arts, watch me please:meow:

My Birthday: 21.06 My birthday badge
My Fairysign: Winx Chimera Horoscope by aett13
My Horoscope/Zodiac Sign: Gemini- Gemini by Zoratrix ^^

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profile picture: :iconookamicchi:
Gemini picture did: :iconzoratrix:
Icon did for me: :iconevilflower-chan:… :iconchix-club: site ;P…

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Ashia2256 by oORiLia-SweetOo
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:bulletblue: Winx Club Style:
:bulletpink: Fairy Tail Style:
:bulletblue: Owari no Seraph Style:

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[WC] AT: Bella Aquaria Tynix Mermaid Form by AshianaAquaris
[WC] AT: Bella Aquaria Tynix Mermaid Form
[WC]- Winx Club
Art Trade with :iconaryl-phoenix:
And another one Transformation joined to Aquaria Mermaid Form :aww:
I think Tynix is the simplest one... Corset connected itself with tail so we have one 'suit' wthout any skirts, tops, etc. Fin is made of crystals and Fairy's wings  ;)
If you noticed, there is lack of veil in hair and corals on arms... that's because Tynix itself has a lot of gems, crystals, etc. So adding/appearing yet pearls on tail, body and hair would be too much :XD:
Anyway, I hope you like it^^
And thank you for your patience :aww:

Do not steal my art button by izka197Free Pretty Blue Watermark by PeppermentPanda



Free Watermark Blue by PeppermentPanda
Pleaseplease, comment,please^^:iconcommentplz:
pose reference: Disney's Ariel
glitters and patterns: 
:iconcolorfullwinx: and google
gems: :iconrittik-designs:
background: google
'Mermaid Collection': :iconashianaaquaris: me Wink/Razz
Bella, her Tynix design and wings belongs to: :iconaryl-phoenix::
'Mermaid Collection' logo: :iconblade-of-hope: edited and little changed by me Wink/Razz

'Mermaid Collection' Folder:…

TAG- Character Facts

Sun Mar 6, 2016, 9:02 AM
Tagged by :iconeddmos::iconsparklingwings::iconfairyofmatter::iconforgottenmajin::iconrose-vee::iconrebecca0105::iconnishimurashoko:

1- Post these rules.
2- Post 8 facts about your character.
3- Tag other 8 characters.
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Ashiana(Ashia) mixed styles

Ashia ID Template by AshianaAquaris/[FT] Ashia ID Card by AshianaAquaris
1. Her 2-colored hair is natural
2. Ashia has birthmark on left shoulder. it's NOT a tattoo
3. As OC drew in different styles, she still has the same personality in all of them
4. Faves animals: cats(kitties) and dolphins
5. she's impulsive: first she does, then she thinks :XD:
6. usually she's between 16-17 years old(depends of style, in what she's drawn)
7. Her favourite color is blue
8. She's afraid of fire and spiders(arachnofobia)
Ashia Fairy Tail style

[FT] Ashia ID Card by AshianaAquaris/YCH DONE ! For Asia-chaan ! by EvilFlower-chan
1. She's Zeref and Natsu's younger sister
2. She's immortal just like Zeref
3. Ashia always has with her amulet 'Gold Tear', which she got from Zeref as child
4. Her Powers are combination  of opposite powers to her brothers(Water Essence-Fire Demon/Dragon Slayer and Magic of Life-Curse of Death)
5. at the moment she has amnesia about her whole past
6. In love with Gray(Juvia's her rival XD)
7. Her eyes change color into white/very light blue, when she uses her Magic
8. Because from birth she had Water Essence Magic(she had to just wake them), her haircolor is blue. Without it she propably would have black as Zeref.
Caris Winx Club style


CE: 'Royal BLOOD,...' by AshianaAquaris/CE: 'Night Hunters Rock!' by AshianaAquaris
1. She's the only one vampire resistant to the Sun and Sunlight
2. her 'Sun Mark' appears on her side ONLY after sunset
3. her mother died giving her birth
4. participated in the attack on Santara (personally killed Jevel)
5. She's not a sadist. She kills, because she has to.
6. Engaged with the Drave for over 150 years
7. At the beginning of knowing she wanted to kill Drave (the first meeting)
8. She's'damn' temperamental XD
Cassidy Winx Club Style
Cassidy Casual by AshianaAquaris/COLLAB: Cass and Heaven by AshianaAquaris
1. Comes from the same planet as Molly
2. She loves flirting
3. Her father left her mother when she was 5 yers old
4. has 13-years half-brother/step-brother from father's new marriage
5. on Ashia's wedding she caught her own boyfried on cheating
6. Her MT Tattoo looks like Sun
7. She dyed her hair(natural are white as her father)
8. Hard to believe or not, she's Virgin(yeah, I said that XD)
Ashia Winx Club Style
'Tales of the Waves' by AshianaAquaris/CE: 'In the dark I can swim too' by AshianaAquaris
1. Pink highlights in hair has after her Grandmother, Annali(previous Water Stars Keeper, died 3 days before Ashia's birth)
2. Princess of Aquaria, 'heart planet' of Whole Lunarix Dimension
3. Has younger sister, Perle
4. Can turn into Mermaid
5. Keeper of the most powerful Energy in Magix(and Lunarix) Dimension- Power of Creation and Destruction; Water Stars
6. was engaged with Prince Glen from Orbtia(orchestrated engagement, fortunately for her they have been broken)
7. She loves be close to water
8. She can have prophetic dreams and visions
Molly(Mollie) Winx Club style
'Electric Touch' by AshianaAquaris/Molly by CSImaginary
1. Former Fairy of Electricity
2. changed into vampire by Caris
3. Princess of Eldonia(nature-based planet in Lunarix Dimension)
4. Has older brother, who is heir to the throne
5. Enjoys/pleased of her change into Vampire
6. to quench the Thirst, uses a blood bank on Eldonia(There are exceptions and single murders)
7. Her boyfriend broke up with her, because she became vampire(he was afraid of her)
8. As human she was very shy, after change became more self-confident 
Irice Winx Club Style
Chix: 'Jewels of Faith' by AshianaAquaris/Chix: 'If you only were still alive... by AshianaAquaris
1. Irice's very shy
2. She loves all colors
3. She had Twinsister-Jevel, who died with whole family while attack on Santara
4. She grew up in an orphanage on Earth
5. She can't gain Enchantix(Believix is her First Magic Form)
6. She's one year older than Ashia
7. she will forgive vampires their attack on Santara (Oo)
8. her fav pet is horse
Azura Winx Club style
'Hi! I'm Princess Azura' by AshianaAquaris/Azura MT/MW by AshianaAquaris
1. Her Power is the same as Ashia's one( It's divided between them two, and each part is as powerful as a whole)
2. Her Royal Birthmark located is on left side of Neck
3. Name for her picked Alan :aww:
4. She hates cold and low temperatures(So Sellen do a lot of jokes to her XD)
5. She preffer to be human than Mermaid(even if people say she has the most beautiful tail in whole Aquaria)
6. She loves Surfing
7. Her fave outfit are summer dresses or skirts(she doesn't like long, royal dresses, but if she hast to, she wears them)
8. She's afraid  to be spurned(in love meaning)
Perle Winx Club Style
'Perle: Fairy of the Mermaid Tears!' by AshianaAquaris/CE:'When storm comes, wake up the water demons...' by AshianaAquaris
1. She's 5 years younger than Ashia
2. Name for her picked Ashia( because of color of her eyes. They remind pearls)
3. She doesn't want to be Princess. She's delighted that Ashia is First Daughter, not her :XD:
4. As only one Fairy, she doesn't have her Falix Twin (:O :( )
5. Her Power includes also power of immortality(Mermaid Tears can heal any wound and ensure immortality)
6. her MT tattoo reminds Mermaid tail/fin
7. She's the most cheerful person in Aquaria Palace
8. She's gonna marry a merman from Aquaria Ocean(still a secret XD)
Glen Winx Club Style
Com: Glen by R-Scarlett
1. He's grandson of Diaspro ( :wow: )
2. Ashia's former fiance
3. Prince of Orbitia(in Lunarix Dimension)
4. He's only child of his parents
5. even if marriage/engagement is canceled, he anyway competing for Ashia's hand with Alan
6. charming, but at the same time amounted
7. He loves to be the center of attention
8. Ony few people knows about it, but he's beginner Mage of Stones(he keeps his abilities in secret)
1. :icondashabasnina: Asuna
2. :iconirinaru: Irina
3. :iconmegstergreen: Zeria
4. :icondoctor-kirkland: Marianna
5. :iconcolorfullwinx: Lana
6. :iconilir21: Aliyah
7. :iconphoenixflamefairy: Laura
8. :iconkys-alis: Kalea

  • Listening to: 'Zabiłeś tę miłość'
  • Reading: nothing..
  • Watching: Winx Club season 5 and 6
  • Playing: PaintToolSai
  • Drinking: coffee

My orders^^

Yes... I ordered few drawings... and here I show you my list, what I'm waiting for:
:bulletpink:- not paid
:bulletblue:- paid
:bulletyellow:- paid in half

1. [FT]Ashia i Akame from :iconyamikow: :bulletblue:
2. [FT]Ashia i Gray kissing from :iconchiakiikeda-oc: :bulletpink:
3. Azura Eternix from :iconrebecca0105: :bulletpink:
4. [FT]Ashia i Gray from :icondashabasnina: :bulletpink:
5. [ONS]Ashia's weapon-war fan from :iconekaterina-sudsukie: :bulletpink:
6. [FT]Ashia i Zeref i [OnS]Ashia's Demon-Mizura from :iconineira: :bulletblue: i :bulletblue:

List to do...

List of works, which I have to do, if I forgot someone, remind me^^
Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by KazhmiranPastel Progress Bars - Blue Unpaid by Kazhmiran

:bulletblue: Commissions:
:icongerganafen: - 'Winx Sirenix Mission Cover' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconrosenangel: - '[FT]Scarlet i Natsu Screenshot' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by KazhmiranPastel Progress Bars - Blue Unpaid by Kazhmiran
:iconmagicalwodyix: - '[FT]Alice Chibi, Portrait i ID Card' i '[WC] Liria Falix' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran i Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:icontheazureblade: - '[FT]Ryu i Yukino Couple fullbody' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran
:iconenchantingunixfairy: - 'Sharona Darix' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Unpaid by Kazhmiran
:iconmajijehkic11: - 'Ashia, Alyra i Alyra's mother' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Unpaid by Kazhmiran
:iconsky6666: - 'Katarine Aquaria Mythix Mermaid Form' Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Unpaid by Kazhmiran

:bulletpink: Art Trades: I will do my part, when your will be done!!
:iconwildiewishingstar:- for 'Delayna Enchantix'
:iconkirisakicreamy:- 'Ashia Believix' for 'Shienna MT'
:iconaliceitim:- 'Ashia Beatix' for 'Roxalen Darix'
:iconmagicalwodyix:- for 'Liria 'Enchantix' and 'Mermaid'
:iconpriestesslhiannon:- 'Acma i Paron Wedding' for 'Pandora Butterflix'
:iconashlystorm:- 'Azura Dragonix' for 'Ashly Driadix'
:iconanonymartist:- 'Cassidy i Molly' for 'Lux Believix'
:iconnishimurashoko:- for '2 New OCs, Alexus Darix i Gothic Sirenix'
:iconphoenixflamefairy:-'Laura i Molly vampire' for 'Izis Mythix(with scepter)'
:iconsky6666:- 'Ashia i Irice Bloomix Cosplay', 'Ashia Butterflix i Rivera' 'Ashia i Katarina Sirenix Underwater' for 'Diana i Katherine Darix', 'Katherine i Diana Gothic Sirenix'
:icon2000mira:- for 'Annie, Anyana, Amira i Davina S6 Gothic Fashion'
:iconkys-alis:- 'Irice Butterflix Spell' for 'Kalea Mermaidix'
:iconunlovedneko-chan94:- for 'Harmonix Poster'
:iconangela-arts:- 'Ashia Enchantix attack' for 'Amanda Enchantix'
:iconangelofwonders:- 'Ashia i Irice Butterflix' for 'Chiara Enchantix'
:iconoorilia-sweetoo:- 'Ashia Sirenix' for 'Ashia i Rilia Casual Aquaria Mermaid Form'
:iconmiustar01:- '[FT]Ashia i Zeref Screenshot' i '[FT]Ashia i Miu Swimsuits' for 'Miu Darix i Reddix re-do'
:iconzotteken:- 'Ashia LoliRock Princess' for '[FT]Kara Casual'
:iconrick1624:- 'Ashia i Merllia Mythix' for '[FT]Ashia i Merllia Unison Raid'
:iconsomething-happend:- 'Ashia i Irice Ghostix' for 'May-Lynn Driadix, Darix, Goddix i Reddix'

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